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         The Steering Towards Hope Canadian Tour Team

Johnny Racine

Founder & Team President

Johnny started Steering Towards Hope when his Uncle James Macmillan passed away of kidney disease in Feb of 2012. 


Jean Sebastien-Poudrier


Being a close friend to Johnny and car enthusiast Jean-Sebastien did not hesitate to join Johnny and help with the cause.

Stephanie Bailey

Assistant to Johnny & co-ordinator

Stephanie's exceptional dedication to charitble causes such as MS and other causes has been a true value to our team. Helping our team with it's goals and dedicated to the cause, Stephanie is a key asset to our team.

Ryan Racine

Team member

Ryan is james Great nephew who is a dedicated part of our tour team, Ryan follows James footseps in helping others with challenges.such as kidney disease.

Bianca Mo

Assistant to Jean-sebastien, Style Marketing

Bianca has a sense or passion for our cause and like other team members as jumped aboard to be an intregral part of our team.

Tyler Racine

Team member

Tyler is james Great nephew and also his Godson. Needless to say tyler like his twin brother Ryan is dedicated to the cause and is

an important part of our team.

Cody McClelland

Team member

Cody is a young kidney transplant recipient who we met last summer. Cody hes been a part of our team from that day and helps us with anything we need to understand about kidney disease etc. As one of spokes persons having him is an honor.

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